Tomsk Technologies Enter Register of Innovative Solutions and Projects for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


The regional stand included achievements of the innovation cluster Smart Technologies Tomsk, innovative projects of the dual-purpose cluster, Tomsk consortium of academic and scientific organizations, as well as a project in the sphere of unmanned aviation Taiga.

 Around 1.5 thousand organizations took part in the exposition at the forum, which presented more than 28 thousand samples and technologies of military and dual purpose.  A group of experts and specialists from various military authorities were selected and included into the consolidated register more than 250 prospective R&D products and projects in advance, including the ones from Tomsk.

 An R&D product of the department of radiophysics of Tomsk State University Radiodozor 400 – a radar-detector which can locate people behind walls and multilayer obstacles in conditions of smoke spread and under debris – went to the TE center (Terrorism, Extremism) of All-Russian Advanced Training Institute of the Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior for use during classes right off the stand.

 Smart badges from INTEK/LITEL have been handed over to the Main Center for Special Communications for testing on real objects and wound healing bandages Vitavallis of Akvelit company were sent to the expert commission for selecting the exhibits for use in military medicine.

 The research, development, and production facility - Svobodnaya Energiya entered the pool of companies for the development of the Arctic, which makes it one of the developers of batteries, which would be able to work in temperatures from minus 40 to plus 50 and with low self-discharge when stored.  From the Central Research Institute for Machine Building, which is part of the Roskosmos structure, we have received a preliminary technical requirement for calculating the cost of creating a battery for the electric power supply of onboard equipment of the returnable first stage of the carrier rocket in development.

 The R&D products of the Institute for monitoring climatic and ecological systems of SB RAS (the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences), produced by the industrial partner – Sibanalitpribor company, attracted the interest of the representatives of the military innovative technopolis ERA.  The parties agreed on a return visit to the technopolis at which time they would sign collaboration agreements on the ArcticMeteo project.

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