The governor of the Tomsk Region, Sergei Zhvachkin, and the rector of Tomsk State University, Eduard Galazhinsky, presented the architectural model and the concept of the student campus to the head of the Cabinet Council Mihail Mishustin during his visit to the Tomsk Region.

The project of the “Big Tomsk University” implies creating an experimental space for interaction, which allows conducting joint activities without the amalgamation of legal entities of universities and academic institutes, while collaboratively using transport, lodging, library, sports, and other infrastructure pools well as laboratories and equipment.  The project aims to create a world-class university, able to respond to global challenges and get involved in the global agenda of separating the work of research and technology with the export of educational services.

One of the most important parts of the project is the interuniversity student campus on the left bank of the river Tom, which covers an area of 50 hectares.  Within this area, the campus is designed to accommodate ten thousand students from other towns and countries.  The campus implies not only comfortable lodging and scientific laboratories but also sports facilities, creative spaces, R&D centers of companies, and university startup studios for developing student entrepreneurship.

The student campus will be a district integrated into the city with open access to its infrastructure for universities, scientific organizations, large and small businesses, as well as creative industries.

The plan is to allocate funds from the federal budget for the project by 2024.

The full cost of the project is 31 bln. rubles.

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