Tomsk Region Approves Updated Development Strategy


The deputy governor of the Tomsk region in economics Andrey Antonov presented the updated strategy of social and economic development of the region till 2030 to the Tomsk Region Duma.

The document factors in the changes in the federal agenda, external challenges, which have influenced the social and economic situation in the region and the country as a whole.

Needs and suggestions of municipal entities, communities, businesses, science, and experts of different levels were factored in when defining the key directions of the development of the region.  The center of attention in the strategy is a person, human capital, and improvement of the quality of life.

The updated strategy includes several priority directions: well-being and quality of life of the people, creating the digital society infrastructure, development of a globally significant technological center with new specializations, the transformation of industry towards the processing segment, development of regional and international network partnership for transforming the economy and employment, creating the conditions for self-realization for citizens of all ages, development of new professions and creative industries.

The new nucleus of the economy will consist of microelectronics, software development, IT, wireless technologies, as well as traditional enterprises, which have achieved a new high-tech level: oil and gas, timber, food, and agro-industrial complex.

Special attention in the strategy is given to improving the quality of life in the country, first of all by the realization of the program of complex development in rural areas.

The development of transport infrastructure: road network, airport complex, passenger railroad, and public transport is outlined separately in the strategy.


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