Advanced Special Economic Zone Severs Leads In Number of Residents and The Sum of Attracted Investment


Forms and instruments of investor support, active in the Tomsk Region, were presented to the residents of the Advanced Special Economic Zone Seversk at the online conference “Atomic cities.  New opportunities for business in modern conditions”.

In its work took part representatives of regional and municipal authorities, regional institutions for business support, fuel company TVEL, etc.

ASEZ Seversk is one of the leading advanced special economic zones, created in atomic cities.  The cite in Tomsk leads both in number of residents and in the volume of attracted investment.  Today, twenty four residents are active here, who invested in their projects around  one billion rubles.

A number of steps has been made recently to help successfully realise the plans of development for ASEZ Seversk.  The works on correcting the project documentation for building the gas transmission network have been finished, which will allow to commence the construction in 2023.  The solution of the issue of movables turnover into ownership or for rent  of Atom-TOR-Seversk is in the final stage - the corresponding amendments into the federal law have been included into the list for consideration at the fall session of State Duma of RF.

The residents of ASEZ Seversk, as well as any other companies which realise investment projects on the territory of the Tomsk Region, can use any acting measures of government support.

Particularly, they can receive subsidies from regional budget for reimbursement of the part of expenses for realisation of the project: for example, to pay the interest rate on loans, leasing payments, utility connection.  In 2022 the size of payments in each direction is doubled (from 2.5 to 5 mln. rubles), and the limitations in terms of the period of payments of subsidies have been lifted.

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