Tomsk Governor Discusses With Exporters Problems and Perspectives of Work On Global Market


During the meeting of the Council on export development, the possibilities of broadening the supply of production to the world markets were discussed with local exporters, as well as the support measures for international economic activity.

Goods from Tomsk successfully compete on the global market and is in demand in 72 countries.  More than five hundred companies from Tomsk supply goods abroad and the number grows annually.  More than thirty thousand inhabitants of the region work in export oriented branches of the economy.

The heads of companies, who participated in the council, noted an increasing competition with Russian regions on the export markets of Central and Eastern Asia which are traditional for the Tomsk region.  Besides, the entrepreneurs marked the existing barriers for international economic activity.

The unique feature of Tomsk exporters is that 95% of them are representatives of small and medium sized businesses.  With that, the share of the non-resource export from the Tomsk Region is 88%.

Based on the result of work of the Council, the governor of the Tomsk Region instructed to prepare an appeal to the government of the Russian Federation with lawmaking initiative, directed at removal of a number of limitations that the companies face when transporting their goods abroad.

Heads of the institutions of support and development of business took part in the work of the council, namely, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tomsk Region, center for export support, regional branches of non-governmental organisations Opora Rossii, Delovaya Rossiya, office of Russian export center in Novosibirsk and exporting companies.

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