Five New Residents Register In Advanced Special Economic Zone Seversk


In February, the asset management company of PSEDA Seversk signed agreements on conducting resident activity with five companies in one go. 

 The following companies came into ASEZ Seversk: Derevenskoe Molochko with the project "Broadening current production and creating a new facility for curd snacks and a facility for milk pasteurization", Zavod Promishlennogo Oborudovaniya (Production of universal loaders), Novator (Production of metal frameworks), Severskiy Zavod Baryernih Materialov (Production of barrier materials for long term radioactive waste storage and disposal) and Mikatom (Production of microelectronic components). 

 The total volume of investment into these projects will surpass 6.5 bln rubles. The new residents of the Seversk ASEZ will create almost 500 jobs total. 

 ASEZ Seversk is the leader in the number of residents today among preferential sites in Closed Administrative-Territorial Units of atomic industry. As of today, twenty-two companies are working or planning on developing there. 

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