Full Specter Of Support Measures Continues For Tomsk Business


Favorable credit facility FOT 3.0 – loans for employment retention, became one of the most popular federal instruments

 The Federal program of preferential loans FOT 3.0 – loans for employment retention applies to all enterprises in affected industries and socially oriented non-profit organizations. 

 In 2021 it went in two stages, 350 companies from Tomsk became its participants; they acquired almost 844 mln rubles worth of preferential loans. 

 Small and medium sized businesses and NPOs that stopped their work during the fall wave of coronavirus received grants: in total, more than four thousand applications were approved to receive almost 230 mln. rubles worth of grants for paying the minimal wages to eighteen thousand employees.  More often than not, this measure of support was used by the enterprises of transport sphere and food industry.

 The regional fund of microfinancing and municipal funds of Seversk and Strezhevoy continued granting preferential loans on the regional level; in total, they granted 266 loans, 304.3 mln rubles. 

 In 2021, the utility expenses were compensated for the business.  Twenty million rubles is reserved in the budget for paying compensation in 2022. 

 The Guarantee Fund of the Tomsk Region works for small and medium-sized businesses that have struggled with receiving loans. In 2021, the guarantee capital of the fund surpassed 480 mln rubles, and the amount of financial support amounted to 1.8 bln rubles. 

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