In 2021 Tomsk Enterprises Made Export Contracts With Thirty Four Countries


The Russian Export Center (REC) drew preliminary conclusions on the work done by the regional centers of export support in 2021 within the framework of the national project "Small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and support of individual entrepreneur initiative."

In 2021 with the help of the export support center, 30 small and medium-sized companies signed 72 export contracts with 34 countries for the total sum of 9.17 mln dollars, which allowed them to achieve the indicators of the national project.

The companies exported lighting equipment, children’s clothing, non-destructive testing equipment, composite materials, interactive gaming, and education equipment, children’s toys, ecological production from wild herbs, IT solutions, and other goods.

In 2021 the center of export support, with the help of the Tomsk Region administration, facilitated the participation of 43 small and medium-sized companies in 15 international expositions in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, UAE, and Germany. Also last year, two business missions were organized for Tomsk small and medium-sized businesses.  Seven Tomsk companies put their products on international marketplaces.

 Besides, 22 companies held online negotiations with potential partners from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kirgizia, Azerbaijan, PRC, India, Indonesia, OAE, Vietnam, Singapore, Cyprus, Turkey, and the USA. 52 more companies participated in the seminars of the REC school of export, organized by the regional center in Tomsk, Asinovo, and Kozhevnikovo counties.

In 2021, two Tomsk companies entered the list of the best exporters in Russia and received awards from the hands of the first vice-prime minister, Andrey Belousov.

In 2022, the work of supporting the export of companies in the Tomsk Region will be continued.

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