New Resident Of Tomsk Industrial Park To Build Wild Herb Processing Factory


The enterprise has been processing pine nuts since 2016. 

Alfavit Zdorovya company uses the raw product to the maximum.  The meat of the pine nut is used in producing pastry, culinary foods, and pine nut oil.  The coarse oilseed meal leftover after pressing is applied as a flavoring and enriching agent, rich with micronutrients and vitamins, and the shell is a component for bitters and liquors. 

 In 2022 Alfavit Zdorovya plans to begin delivering its product to European countries in 2022 and is maturing opportunities to enter the Chinese and South Korean markets.

The company will invest no less than 100 million rubles in constructing buildings and purchasing high-tech equipment for the new plant, which will be located on the territory of the industrial park Tomsk.  The number of employees at the company will increase by 12 people.

Modern domestic technologies will be implemented in the production, which will allow the organic composition and vitamin complex in the end product to the maximum.  As a result of the project realization, Alfavit Zdorovya will increase the volume and create a greater variety of sweets from taiga. 

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