Tomsk Region Administration Improves Conditions For Subsidizing Manufacturers


After key interest rate was lowered by the Central Bank of Russia, the administration of the Tomsk Region rectified the conditions of providing subsidy to the strategic industrial enterprises of the region.

 The compensation of the interest rate on loans for working capital financing will amount to up to 10% from the current interest rate of the bank and no more than 5 mln rubles a year per applicant.  The effective interest rate for the borrower is lowered from 15% to 9%.

For Tomsk manufacturers, the compensation of a part of costs for paying interest on loans is one of the important measures of support under the conditions of sanctions.

To receive the compensation, it is necessary to contact the Regional fund for industry development: Tomsk, Yeniseyskaya str., bld. 37, office #306, phone # 8 (3822) 71-31-20, 98-40-41.

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