Tomsk Region To Repair More Than Three Hundred Kilometers Of Regional Roads In 2022


In 2022 Tomskavtodor will repair and modernize 304 km of auto-mobile roads within the framework of the national project, Safe Roads of high quality and the regional program.

In the current year more than 218 km of regional highways will be reconstructed.  These are portions of the auto-mobile roads Tomsk-Mariinsk, Tomsk – Samus, entryway into Kornilovo village and Arkashevo village, entryway into Zorkaltzevo village, Kargala – Bakchar, Ob river – Melnikovo, Pobeda – Kireevsk, Bakchar – Podgornoye – Kolomino, Kolpashevo – Beliy Yar, Mogilniy Mis – Parabel – Kargasok, and Tomsk – Kargala – Kolpashevo.  Also, the road workers will begin the first stage of repairing the automobile road Krivosheino – Voznesenka with the entryway into Belostok village, which will be finished next year.  Subcontractors are already working on ten objects.

Besides, the plan is to finish reconstruction of 36.2 kilometres of the highway Kamayevka – Asino – Pervomayskoye this year within the framework of the national project.  The project is already 70% done.

Within the state program for regions, almost 50 more kilometres of highways will be brought to expected national standards.  Repair works will be conducted on the portions of highways Bolshe-Dorokhovo – Teguldet, Tungusovo – Mogochino – Suiga, Pervomayskoye – Beliy Yar, Beliy Yar – Stepanovka, Kargasok – Sredniy Vasugan, Parabel – Novikovo – Kedroviy, Aleksandrovskoye – 35 km, Tomsk – Kargala – Kolpashevo and Kamaevka – Asino – Pervomayskoye. 

Also, road workers will continue construction of the bridge crossing on the river Yaya as well as the reconstruction of the road Mogilniy Mis – Parabel – Kargasok (35-40 km).

In the Tomsk County, more than 6 kilometers of electric lighting lines will be built on three portions of regional highways within the borders of residential areas: in Svetliy settlement, villages of Aleksandrovskoye and Bogashevo.

On all these objects the contractors apply complex method for increasing road safety.  On the planning stage of the roadworks, attention is not only paid to the main roads, but to entryways into populated areas as well. 

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