Vladimir Mazur Checks Investment Projects Progress At Tomsk Airport


The head of the region at Nickolay Kamov airport in Tomsk firstly checked the tempo of the runway reconstruction: Rosaviatsiya included this project into the federal program “Development of regional airports and routes”; its financing from the federal budget amounting to 2.8 bln rubles.  The investment project also includes the construction of new infrastructure objects of the airport.

A representative of the subcontractor reported that there are 130 engineers and workers as well as 80 equipment units working on the site.  The works are being carried out according to the schedule and starting on June 9th the airport functioning will be re-established: first through regional routes and starting on June 19th, the gateway will continue its work as usual. 

Also, Vladimir Mazur together with the general director of the Novaport holding, Sergei Rudakov, checked the completion rate of the construction of the new airport building.  The company is investing 2.9 bln rubles of its own funds into this project.  As a result, the airport in Tomsk will receive a new domestic terminal with the capacity of 400 passengers per hour, the number of check-in desks will increase from 10 to 14 and the area of the whole complex will go from 10.9 to 16.8 thousand square meters.

The interim governor and the head of the Novaport discussed with the representative of the contractor the influence of the materials price hike on the rate of the airport construction.  Sergei Rudakov noted, that depending on the specific item, the growth amounts to 5-20% and went on to advise, that by July the 1st, the holding will have a definite timeframe of completing construction and commissioning of the object.

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