First Regional IT Park Opens in Tomsk


The first regional private IT-park Gertsen opened on the 9th of november in the Tomsk Region, which united academic organisations, innovation sphere and high technology production.

The techno park was built by Tomsk company STK at the intersection of Gertsena street and Komsomolskiy prospect.

Production of Tomsk research and production company Mikran and a laboratory of shop floor communications systems, which was launched by Tomsk University of Control and Radio electronics Systems, both opened in the new technological centre.  Also there are spaces for co-working, recreation, lectures, etc.  Three hundred new high productivity jobs have already been created in the IT park.

According to the information received from the director of STK, Andrey Savin,  more than five years have passed from the idea to the launch of the park.  In the future, the plan is to extend the park and build the second stage.

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