RT-tehnologii Company Becomes New Resident In Special Economic Zone Tomsk


RT-tehnologii company plans to create shielding and absorbing materials for special application in Technology and Innovation SEZ Tomsk.  Total volume of financing the project will amount to four hundred million rubles.

The company is renting an administrative production facility with the total area of 700 square meters on the territory of the Northern site of SEZ Tomsk, where it will develop and produce shielding current conducting silicone leaf elastomer, extra high frequency energy absorbent sealants, shielding paints and enamels, antistatic goods.

EHF materials will be applied in production and development of modern radio technical goods and systems of EHF spectrum to shield from the impact of electromagnetic emission.

The goods of the company are in demand among companies in the fields of radio-electonic, aviation, space, telecommunication, research and development institutes and enterprises of defence industry.

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