Tomsk Region Discusses Atomic Cities Investment Potential


A number of people took part in the discussion at the open table on the topic of  “Atomic cities. From the potential of the people to development of the territory”, among them the acting deputy governor on investment policy and property relations of the Tomsk region, Tatyana Isakova, deputy director of the department of support for the new business of Rosatom, Ilya Trofimov, deputy mayor of Closed Administrative-Territorial Unit (CATU) Seversk on economy and finances, Ludmila Smolnikova, deputy general director of Siberian Chemical Combine, Andrey Galata, head of Center of innovative development of the Tomsk Region, Irina Haletskaya, the director of OOO Innohab (industry branch accelerator of Rosatom corporation), Stanislav Krechetov and others.  The moderator of the meeting was the general director of AO Atom-TOR Nikolay Pegin.

The Tomsk Region is the most active and flourishing region of the Russian Federation.  Siberian Chemical Combine is situated here – one of the most interesting and “alive” investment sites of Rosatom corporation – Nikolay Pegin underlined. – In Seversk city, for example, besides major manufacturers, who are in-demand, there is also the construction of world significance – project Breakthrough; the basis for the new power industry will be tried and tested on this object.

Twenty four residents are realizing their projects in Priority Social and Economic Development Area Seversk today.  Among them are the seven companies that joined in 2022.  The planned volume of investments according to the reached agreements will amount to around 20 bln rubles, the number of jobs created will surpass 1 200.

For attracting new residents and successful activity of the current ones the administration of the Tomsk Region is taking steps on introducing changes into the federal law, particularly, on prolonging the period of lowered rates of insurance contributions, and in terms of infrastructure support, changes for the activity of the residents.  The region and the municipality also participate in creating infrastructure in the PSEDA.  In 2023 the plan is to finance from the budget the construction of the networks of gas supply, necessary for realization of investment projects.

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