Tomskneftehim Invests Billion Rubles Into Modernizing Equipment


Tomsk enterprise of SIBUR – Tomskneftehim invested around one billion rubles into modernizing the equipment and now will function until 2026 without the necessity to shut down production process completely.  The four-year run without a shutdown maintenance is the best world practice for similar chemical productions.

The modernization of the flare facility on production of monomers – the main one for Tomskneftehim has become one of the key projects of the repair campaign of this year.  The new flare tip of the fourth generation, one of the most up to date of its kind has a wider range of smokeless combustion.  As a result of bigger steam supply, it burns larger amounts of carbohydrates on the pull down faster, which allows for reduction of soot combustion by 70% a year.

The increase of environmental safety is an important direction for SIBUR holding.  This program includes a number of projects, among which not only modernizing the flare system, but also the launch of new processing facilities.  A complex of such measures will allow for further lowering of the environmental impact and make a hefty contribution into the conservation of environment of the city and the region.

During the shutdown maintenance Tomskneftehim continued implementing digital instruments, such as ultrasound detector for spotting leaks of gaseous substances and systems of video surveillance, which will allow to increase safety and effectiveness of conducting the works.

Simultaneously, the enterprise has laid the foundation for the possibility of seamless integration of new perspective projects, directed at increasing processing of raw materials, which in turn, will increase the effectiveness and the environmental safety.

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