Vladimir Mazur Discusses Support Measures For Small And Medium Sized Businesses With Opora Russia President


During the work meeting, the head of the region, Vladimir Mazur, discussed with the president of the all-Russian public organization for small and medium sized business Opora Russia, Alexander Kalinin, the trends of development of small and medium sized business and the instruments of entrepreneur support.

Among the key principles according to which the national economy will develop, the president of Russia specified the pillar of business community.  It is extremely important that the government support those who create jobs and competitive products.

Alexander Kalinin noted, that in the Tomsk Region, one of the priority directions of development for small and medium sized business can be young entrepreneurs.  “The region is showing good dynamics in the spheres of agriculture and wild harvest processing.  And, needless to say, Tomsk is well known for its digital solutions, developments in the sphere of robot engineering.  You have spheres to develop small and medium sized business in”, - Alexander Kalinin noted.

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