Vladimir Mazur Highly Rates Tomsk Science Driven Production Potential


On July 26, the acting governor of the Tomsk Region, V.V. Mazur, conducted a circuit meeting of the industry branch headquarters and visited high tech enterprises, rating their production programs and plans.

The acting governor began his circuit with Tomsk Electromechanical Plant.  Here, the general director of the plant, Ivan Pushkarev, showed Vladimir Mazur the cast center, thermo-galvanic production, the machine shop, and the end product assembly shop.  The head of the plant and the head of the region discussed the results and the future of cooperation between the plant and Gazprom.

Additionally, the acting governor visited Tomsk Technology Innovative Special Economic Zone, visiting companies Gazinformplast, Kristall T, Enbisys, Stels, LEMZ-T, ProKvanT, and Biolit.

The heads of the company ProKvanT reported to the head of the region on the construction of a research and production complex on the territory of the SEZ and the problems they are facing.  Particularly, there is a delay with laying on gas for the future facility, consequently, there are risks with commissioning the facility.  Vladimir Mazur authorized his deputy on economics, Andrey Antonov, to solve this problem in cooperation with the administration of Tomsk.

The head of the region finished his work trip to the special economic zone by presenting the status certificate to the forty-first resident of the SEZ – Tract Avtomatika company.

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