Tomsk food industry and state support mechanisms


Natalia Zabavnova, Head of the Regional Department of the Consumer Market, and Georgy Borodulin, Acting Head of the Investment Department, attended the meeting held by the Association of Tomsk Food Industry.

The attendees analyzed the current situation at the food industry enterprises and the support tools.

The food industry enterprises have not only maintained the pace in the first two months of 2023, but even grown as compared with the same period last year: by 3.1 percent in food industry and by 10.7 percent in drink industry. The consumers in Tomsk are increasingly focusing on the origin of the products in favor of local suppliers.

Georgy Borodulin described the key trends of the regional investment policy, including the creation of industrial clusters, building of investment infrastructure and implementation of a regional investment standard.

The members of the association were interested in the suggestion to create an industrial cluster and in the state support measures. The Department of Investments encouraged the interested organizations for cooperation.

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