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“Opora Russia” to play a part in developing investment processes in Tomsk municipalities

Vasily Potemkin, Deputy Governor of Tomsk region for investment policy and property relations, held a business meeting with Sergey Sokolov, Vice-President of “Opora Russia” on March 28


Tomsk SMEs raise more than 5.4 billion rubles within the National Guarantee System

In 2022, the small and medium enterprises of the Tomsk region obtained financial support for the total amount of over 5.4 billion rubles under the national guarantee system run by the SME Corporation


“Tomsk” OEZ resident’s technologies entering new foreign markets through the partnership with Rosatom

Tomsk company “MOJE Keramic-Implantate” presented a project of the upcoming plant in Latin America on March 21



Tomsk investment project “TGOK Ilmenite” is in the list of the cutting-edge projects at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum

Tomsk priority project for the development of the Tugansk ore sand deposit was presented at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum on March 2


Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum participants discuss lifting export barriers

Vastly Potemkin, Deputy of the Governor of Tomsk region for investment policy and property relations, attended the meeting held by the Coordination Council for cross- border cooperation and foreign economic relations of interregional association “Siberian Accord” on March 2


Tomsk region to develop clusters for attracting investment

Creation of industrial clusters based on the resource potential of the Tomsk region is a promising direction to ensure the inflow of investments in the region and to launch new projects



Tomsk enterprises sign export contracts worth half-billion rubles under the national project in 2022

Tomsk Export Promotion Center has passed the approval of the results of the national project “Small and medium-sized businesses and support of individual entrepreneurial initiatives” in 2022


Tomsk region brings backbone road network to the standard

Under the national project “Safe Quality Roads” and regional programs, the Tomsk region is bringing other 79 km of regional roads, which are part of the backbone road network, to the standard condition


Producing road repair mixes on the Tomsk SEZ southern platform

EcoDor resident company has completed the laboratory and production case with a total area of 2,000 m² and installed the necessary equipment


Tomsk business adapts to grow in a volatile economy

The turnover of small and medium enterprises increased by 8 percent and amounted to about 530 billion rubles in 2022

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