Tomsk enterprises sign agreements with Gazprom at the international gas forum


 Tomsk enterprises EleSi JSC, TEMZ JSC, RPC Mikran JSC and Cognitive Robotics LLC segned several long-term cooperation agreements with Gazprom at the 12th Saint Petersburg International Gas Forum.

According to the agreements, Tomsk machine-builders will develop and manufacture high-tech import-substituting products in the interests of PJSC Gazprom, including power supply systems for process automation equipment, components for compressor station equipment, telecommunications equipment for gas distribution stations. It is planned to develop and commercialize vehicle traffic monitoring systems, as well as motor vehicle driver assistance systems that use artificial intelligence technologies.

At the forum, the TSU Research Institute and CEC Erintek LLC signed an agreement with Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk on developing technology and creating equipment for assessing, mapping and cleaning the bottom of water bodies. New equipment will be tested at Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk facilities. The technical requirements for upcoming products will be developed by specialists of Gazprom and its subsidiaries working together with engineers and process engineers of Tomsk enterprises and organizations.

The signing of the agreements is part of the roadmap "High-tech products expansion by Tomsk Region organizations including import-substituting products, on behalf of of Gazprom PJSC."

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