Governor Vladimir Mazur discusses woodworking prospects at Tomlesdrev


Vladimir Mazur, Governor of the Tomsk region, held a field operational meeting on growth prospects for the timber industry complex at the production site of Tomlesdrev.

Tomlesdrev is one of the largest producers of laminated particleboard in Siberia. The enterprise operates two plants including a production facility with modern process equipment, which processes low-value timber and wood waste into high value added products - particleboard and laminated particleboard. Last year the output of finished products amounted to 700 thousand cubic meters.

Anton Nachkebia, the head of the enterprise, shared information about the operation of the main production lines and the enterprise's own energy complex with the capacity of 54 MW. The enterprise uses sawmill waste for generation ensuring a closed process cycle and increasing the production efficiency.

The high quality and competitive price of Tomlesdrev's products allow the enterprise to remain a leader in the markets of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, as well as in the regions of Siberia and the Far East.

Vladimir Mazur discussed training of professionals who could potentially work in the industry, development of raw material base and maintenance of process equipment with the timber industry representatives.

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