Tomsk region establishes an investment committee


The Investment Committee of the Tomsk region is intended to promptly resolve arising issues and disputes between the investors, authorities and local self-government bodies in a pre-trial procedure.

First of all, it concerns the disputes related to compliance with the obligations under the Investment Policy Statement of the Tomsk region, the Code of investment rules, fulfillment of the authorities and the investor’s obligations, which could not have been settled by other means.

Governor of the Tomsk region heads the Investment Committee. It consists of deputy governors of the Tomsk region, heads of executive bodies of the Tomsk region, business representatives of the Tomsk region and business associations of entrepreneurs, heads of utility providers.

For any questions to be considered by the Committee, submit an application via the investors’ direct communication channel: or at the address: 2, Batenkova Pl., office 310, Tomsk.

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