Design of Tomsk waste sorting complex received permission for construction


General Contractor – OOO Torgovo-Stroitelnaya Kompaniya – has started preparatory works at the site. A construction camp has been set, and contracts for connection to networks have been signed. A contract for technical supervision of

After the decision of the state examination, the final cost of the object’s construction will have been estimated. “The initial cost of the design is the investment calculated for the current date. The final construction estimate is affected by both the exchange rates and the material cost increases, all of which take place today. Designs similar to Tomsk’s vary in price across the country. For example, a contract for 3.6 billion rubles has been concluded in Novosibirsk. As for the case of Tomsk – the state examination of the consolidated estimate will tell,” Boris Prokopiev, Deputy Director of the Chistaya Strana Association of Organisations, Operators, and Specialists in the Waste Handling Industry, said.

Dmitry Tetenkin, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the RF, at a meeting in June has announced the readiness of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology to provide Tomsk Oblast with a grant on a competitive basis for the implementation of the Sibir Waste Recycling Complex (WRC) project, which will make it possible to “keep” the tariff for the population.

As a reminder, a concession agreement has been concluded with the OOO TRCC company in April for the construction of the Sibir waste recycling complex for 2.4 billion rubles with a capacity of up to 250 thousand tonnes of municipal waste per year. The complex is to be built by 1 November 2024 at a 9.1-hectare site near the northern site of the Tomsk industrial park.

Operation of the complex will allow to reach the target of the Ecology national project: to halve the amount of waste sent to landfills by 2030.

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