Andrei Antonov, Deputy Governor, introduces Yuri Drozdov, new Director General, to the staff of the Tomsk SEZ


Andrei Antonov, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region, introduced Yuri Drozdov, appointed Director General, to the staff of the management company of the Tomsk SEZ.

“The SEZ team now faces three major tasks. First of all, the construction of the engineering center necessary for the residents, the introduction of a customer-oriented model of operation and increasing the level of the resident satisfaction with the working conditions in the Tomsk SEZ. We are entering a new stage of the SEZ development and all the necessary conditions are available,” Andrei Antonov emphasized.

Following the instructions of Vladimir Mazur, the Governor, a co-working center is opening its doors on the territory of the SEZ, the innovative companies will be provided with a whole range of services: from registration and obtaining a legal address to growing to the resident status, development of their own production and partnership with the active residents.

Deputy Governor mentioned the possible development of new areas due to fusion of the SEZ and the Big University: engineering schools of radio electronics, chemistry, biotechnology, drone aircraft etc. These trends may be new for the Tomsk SEZ which is traditionally specializing in IT.

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