Governor Vladimir Mazur Launched a New Seed Center


 The first phase of a new center of Farm Company Mezheninovskayain the Shegarskiy Region comprises a grain cleaning and drying unit and a grain sorting, pre-packing and packing unit. The center’s daily capacity is 200 tones of high quality grain and oil seeds.

One of the objectives set by the Food Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin is to provide the farmhands with the domestic seeds at the level of at least 75%.

The seed center inNashchekovo alone will satisfy 50% of the seed demand of all farms and farmers in the Tomsk Oblast.

Region head Vladimir Mazur thanked the management of Farm Company Mezheninovskaya and the project’s investor Siberian Premier Holding.

By the end of the year commissioning of a seed storage unit and building of a seed farming classroom are expected at the new seed center.

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