Vasiliy Potemkin about Expansion of Cooperation with Belarus at the Meeting of the IASS


 Vice-Governor of the Tomsk Oblast for Economy, Investment Policy, and Property Relations Vasiliy Potemkin presented the areas of social and economic cooperation between the Tomsk Oblast and the Belarusian regions at the meeting of the IASS.

 Currently, 2 principal cooperation agreements between the Tomsk Oblast and Belarus are in effect: the first one – of 2016 with the government of the Republic and the second one – of 2021 with the Executive Committee of the Grodno Region. The progress of implementation of the plans and actions under these agreements is annually discussed by the Tomsk-Belarus workgroup.

At the last year end, Belarus ranked 6th among the export and the 12th among the import partners of the Tomsk Oblast. The export to Belarus is diversified, although the equipment and machinery share is more than 50%.

This product group also has a considerable share in the Belarus import. Over 250 items of Belarusian machinery have been purchased by our farmhands alone since 2016. The cooperation with Belarus in the agricultural sector is also actively developing in such areas as pedigree animal breeding, crop farming, berry growing, bee farming, and selection.

The industry is another key area of cooperation. Sibkabel, Tomskcable, Manotom, Micran, and many other companies have an extensive list of Belarusian partners. Today, TUSUR University and Belarusian Institute for Standardization and Certification are creating the uniform microwave frequency and power electronics standards under the agreement signed last year at the Army Forum.

A new Union State industrial microelectronics program is being elaborated after the meetings of the Governor of the Tomsk Oblast and the government of Belarus held last year. TUSUR University and Tomsk research and production company Micran are the Russian partners in the program and Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Science – Belarusian.

The preliminary draft program deadline is the end of H1 2024.

All 6 Tomsk state universities and the Tomsk research institutes collaborate with the Belarusian partners in physics, material engineering, photonics, IT, microelectronics, environment, philology, and bioengineering.

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