Investment Growth in the Tomsk Oblast Is Higher than the National Average


The Tomsk Oblast ranked second among the regions of the Siberian Federal District after the Republic of Altai and entered the TOP 30 Russian regions in terms of the investment growth rate. According to the Rosstat, the national average fixed capital investment growth for the year of 2023 was 9.8%, and 11% in the Tomsk Oblast.

The result demonstrates how successfully the production chains are built and foreign restrictions are overcome by the Tomsk business.

Particularly, the higher investment growth rate of the Tomsk Oblast compared to the national average is registered in production of computers, electronics, and optics  – 218.6% (Russia – 171.8%); machinery and equipment (not elsewhere classified) – 247.3% (136.9%); pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations – 155.6% (101.6%); beverages – 180.7 (147.3%), and metallurgical products – 135.4% (109.7%).

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