Resident of the Tomsk SEZ Tested Its Solution in the Skalisty Mine of Nornickel


A unique software code and algorithms of high navigation accuracy of a self-propelled drill have been designed by the Tomsk residents. The Tomsk company NTR has developed a system for real-time control of underground operations for the polar branch of Nornickel.

This system in future will ensure Nornickel’s independence from import of foreign software and equipment.

The pilot tests took place in the active workings, in the deepest mine in Eurasia. Trackers along the borehole bottom and a navigation unit in the drill were installed. By “clinging” to the trackers, the drill is able to determine its position by giving coordinates. The system will enable more precise drilling operations.

This project is the only one of its kind in the world. No one has implemented such systems. The drill’s current embedded navigation system is based on the algorithms and equipment which are currently not imported into Russia. The NTR’s know-how has the software code designed and made in Russia, as well as the locally produced equipment.

The full-scale long-run testing and verification of the system will take place this summer.

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