Discussion about Building an Accessible Interuniversity Campus in the Tomsk Region


The design solutions for the campus facilities aimed at protecting the rights and legitimate interests of people with limited mobility were reviewed at the meeting of the representatives of Tomsk Student Campus LLC and the Special Projects Department of the Tomsk Region.

Installation of wheelchair ramps in the entrance lobbies of all buildings was mentioned as mandatory. There will be comfortable barrier-free access of people with limited mobility to all facilities in the campus. A lane in the swimming pool of a sports and recreation center will be equipped with a lift for people with limited mobility. All internal pedestrian routes and external transport and pedestrian lines must be fully connected. Tactile paving will be laid in front of barriers (staircases, crosswalks) according to GOST.

The campus and public spaces navigation will be in at least two foreign languages on information desks, information kiosk terminals, maps and signs. Own Wi-Fi coverage and smart lighting will be provided for the entire territory.

The campus will consist of a residential complex for 6 thousand students, a multi-purpose education center and a sports and recreation center with a 25 meters swimming pool and halls for yoga, strength and cardio exercises, universal gyms and a medical station. The main building of the multi-purpose education center will consist of classrooms, laboratories and exhibition areas, lecture and conference halls, partners’ offices, a food court and administration rooms.

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