Discussion of Additional Government Support for Agricultural Business in the Tomsk Region


Three main forms of the government support are available to agricultural businesses.

Businesses with more than a half of full-time employees being disadvantaged population (such as parents of many children) are eligible for the government support amounting up to RUB 500 thousand. Such kind of support is provided on a project co-financing basis, where 25 % — entrepreneur’s own funds and 75 % — budget funds.

Young entrepreneurs under 25 are also eligible for the government support. Up to RUB 500 thousand financing is provided for new projects on a co-financing basis as well.

Moreover, the government support amounting up to RUB 700 thousand is provided to agricultural businesses established not more than 2 years ago.

More than 50 government support measures aimed at developing entrepreneurship in rural areas are also coordinated by the Department of Social and Economic Development of Rural Areas.


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