Tomsk High-Tech Companies Are Provided with the Support under the Soft Loan Scheme Amounting to RUB 414 Million


Thanks to the targeted government lending scheme initiated in April 2022 9 small and medium high-tech companies of the Tomsk Region received RUB 414 million at 3% per annum.

They are the scientific researchers, software designers, and manufacturers of chemicals, computers, electronic and optical devices, and electrical appliances.

The parties to the soft loan scheme signed 11 contracts with SME Bank through which the scheme operator – the SME Corporation – grants loans to the high-tech innovative businesses at the concessional interest rate.

The soft loan scheme offers support to high-tech innovative businesses and gives an impulse to their further growth and development.

Businesses from 16 priority sectors can receive a soft loan at 3% per annum. They must be small or medium size, have the annual revenue from RUB 100 million with the average annual growth at least 12%, and be the owners of the intellectual deliverables.

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