New oil field found in Tomsk Region


Irish company PetroNeft Resources with oil assets in Tomsk Region, discovered oil in the Sibkrayevskaya structure, Tungolskoye oil deposit, Tomsk Region.

The area of the newly discovered oil field exceeds 50 sq. km, and the depth of the oil pool is 2,350 m. PetroNeft did not specify the amount of oil reserves in the Sibkrayevskaya structure. It only reported that the discovery is significant in scale. Appraisal drilling will continue in 2012.


PetroNeft Resources plc was created in 2005 for oil exploration and development in Russia. The main asset of the company is a 100% interest in a 4,991 sq. km oil and gas license in Tomsk Region which contains four known oil fields — Lineynoye, Tungolskoye, West Lineynoye, and Korchekskoye. The company’s shares are listed on the London and Irish Stock Exchanges.

Source: RIA Novosti
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