Japan’s Asahi Glass to build a $250 million glass factory near Tomsk


In September 2011, Asahi Glass Co. will make a final decision whether to build a large glass factory in Tomsk Region, for 250 million US dollars.
«We have approached the final round of negotiations with the potential investor, Japan’s Asahi Glass, flat glass manufacturer. In July, in Brussels, a decision was taken to build a factory worth around 250 million US dollars in Tomsk Region. At the end of September the Investment Council will sit in the headquarters in Japan to clarify details," Oksana Kozlovskaya said.

She pointed out that a positive decision to build the factory in the region would be conditional upon the region providing utility lines.

Asahi Glass Company is world’s largest automotive glass maker producing automotive glass under trademarks AGC Automotive, Asahi, Lamisafe, AP Tech, Splintex, Temperlite, and Asahimas. The company is an absolute leader in automotive glass-making and holds over a one-third of the market — one in three cars in the world rolls off the assembly line with AGC glass. Asahi Glass Co. is part of Mitsubishi Group.

Source: RIA Novosti
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