Cognitive Technologies is Connected to the Creation of a World-Class Research And Educational Center in Tomsk


Tomsk Region Governor Sergey Zhvachkin and Olga Uskova, President of the Cognitive Technologies Group of Companies, have signed a cooperation agreement at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

As part of the presidential national project "Science", by 2024, at least 15 world-class research and educational centers should be established in Russia, which will ensure the country’s place in the top five largest economies in the world. Tomsk Region claims one of the Research and Educational Centers.

The task of the center in our region will be the integration of universities and academic institutions with enterprises of the real sector of the economy in key areas of the fourth industrial revolution. These are "Artificial Intelligence", "Big Data", "Smart City", "4D-Radar", "Precision Agriculture" and others.

"We in the Tomsk region hands down support both the knowledge-driven economy and those who follow this path. Behind the new economics - investment, jobs and high-tech markets. Moreover, that means the future of the whole country." – emphasized the governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin.

"Creating a world-class research and education center is fully consistent with global trends and is a major infrastructure challenge in the process of introducing innovative products into production. It allows introducing revolutionary solutions and technologies in real economic projects just in time. In addition, such structures allow uniting teams of researchers and developers, which is extremely important for creating a high-quality high-tech product," said Olga Uskova, president of the Cognitive Technologies group of companies.

Tomsk authorities and representatives of Cognitive Technologies are also planning to pay great attention to the preparation of competitive research teams to carry out research and development, focused on the priorities of the Strategy of Russian scientific and technological development.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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