INO Tomsk 2020 submitted to Russian government for review and approval


Tomsk Region Governor Viktor Kress addressed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with a request to accelerate review and approval of INO Tomsk 2020 project by the federal government. On September 14, the final version of the document was submitted to the Russian Government, with endorsements by all Ministries, including the Ministry of Finance.


In 2010, Tomsk Region Administration launched a project for creation of a world-class center for education, research, and development. The objective of the project is to build a center for innovations on the existing scientific, educational, and innovative platform of Tomsk Region.

The project is categorized as a priority project and included in all strategic documents of Tomsk Region. It was approved by the Public Chamber of Tomsk Region and included in the Strategy of Socioeconomic Development of Siberia for 2020.

Draft concept and action plan were first submitted for review by the Russian Government in April 2011.

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