Overall investments into the gasification of the region by 2018 will reach 13, 8 billion roubles


Due to implementation of a Gas Supply Program the level of gasification in the Tomsk region will grow twofold by 2018, Dmitry Veys, the Chairman of the Regional Committee on Gasification reported. 

“Within a four-year period with the construction of new gas pipelines, we will raise the level of gasification of the region from the current 7 to 14%, Dmitry Veys said at the meeting with the heads of municipalities.

Geography of the gasification projects is conditionally divided into four areas. The first three of them include gasification of settlements through the construction of new gas pipelines.

“Firstly, it is the implementation of the general scheme of gas supply of Tomsk and Tomsk region, including construction of the natural gas pipeline from Aprel St. to Nakhimov St. of Tomsk and the natural gas pipeline from Chernaya Rechka St. to Kurleks taking into account associated gasification of several villages, - Dmitry Veys underlined.  - Secondly, it is gasification of Pobedy, Oskin St. and Lebedinka in Shegaysk district, including construction of gas-distributing station in Astrahantsevo and inter-settlement gas pipeline with the length of 8,6 kilometers to Pobedy St.. Thirdly, it is the project for gasification of the regional centers Yasino, Zyryanskoye and Pervomayskoye. It assumes construction of the gas-pipeline branch with the total length of 80 kilometers, two gas-distributing stations in Itatka, Asino, and also inter-settlement gas pipelines across the Yaya River to Zyryanskoye and across the Chulym River to Pervomayskoye.

In total due to construction of new gas pipelines gas supply will be provided to 46 settlements within the region – it includes 25 thousand households and about 100 heat supply facilities.

 The fourth direction of the gasification program is a project for stand-alone gasification using liquefied natural gas. It will allow bridging the “blue” fuel to those regions, which were previously considered to be unpromising for infrastructure gas projects. In particular, Liquified Natural Gas Plant with capacity of 6 tons/hour will be built in the village of Kargala, Shegarsky district, as well as four regasification stations - in the regional centers Bakchar, Podgornoye, Tegulded and in the village of Voronovka, Shegarsky district. It will allow providing gas supply to5 thousand households and over 40 heat supply facilities.

Forecasts show that the total amount of investment in the gasification of the Tomsk region by 2018 will reach 13, 8 billion roubles. One third of all costs will be covered by the budget, the same amount will be covered by the company “Gazprom”, which is a strategic partner of the region in the field of gasification and the remaining third – by investors, business and population.

Source: Press Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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