Sergey Zhvachkin started creating agglomeration of Tomsk, Severk and Tomsk district


On 23 October, the head of the region Sergey Zhvachkin held the first meeting of the Council for implementation of the Agreement between the Tomsk district Administration and the State Corporation “Rosatom” on the development of agglomeration Tomsk- Severk- Tomsk district”.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Governors Leonid Reznikov, Anatoly Rozhkov, Aleksandr Fedenev, Andrey Antonov, Andrey Knorr, Yury Gurdin, Chingis Akataev and Vyacheslav Semenchenko, and also the leaders of Tomsk, Seversk and the Tomsk region, the deputies of the legislative Duma of Tomsk district.

In his report Leonid Reznikov said that currently, 17 thousand of Seversk dwellers every day go to work or to study in Tomsk, more than 2,5thousand of Tomsk dwellers go to Seversk. Research findings show that over 40 per cent of the population of Tomsk, Seversk and the Tomsk district unequivocally support the agglomeration process, about 40% are not opposed to it.

“It is evident that in fact the agglomeration of the regional center, “nuclear city” and the Tomsk district have been existing for many years – the Governor, Sergey Zhvachkin commented on the migration processes between three municipal entities. - Our task is to legalize this agglomeration, to set the tone for its development so that three municipal entities, more than 720 thousand of the Tomsk region’s residents will all have benefit from it”.

The approval of the agglomeration concept will take place in April 2015. At the same time the head of the region underlined that even today the leaders of Tomsk, Seversk and the Tomsk region should consider the forthcoming agglomeration in their infrastructure, transportation, town-planning plans.

“Significant work needs to be done with the local population, it should be explained people that even the residence address will not change, - Sergey Zhvachkin added. – Agglomeration is not a merging of cities and villages, but is a tool that allows to use the productive capacities, engineering communications, power supply system, passenger traffic and much more in an efficient way”.

Source: Press Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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