More than 500 construction projects to be posted with a YUSI new search service in the Tomsk Region


The YUSI company supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives through the Internet Initiatives Development Fund releases the internet service under the name of PoiskStroek. The search service is to contain full information on all construction projects, clients, general contractors and suppliers in the Russian Federation in accordance with the Federal Law No. 44-FZ (previously No. 94-FZ).

PoiskStroek service posts more than 500 Tomsk regional construction projects of more than RUB 12.2 billion, as well as complete information on 230 construction companies and 109 design contractors, operating in the region.

The current task of the service is to attract as many as possible construction market players to work with the system via the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The company will receive additional information on opportunities and contract work in the Tomsk Region and other regions.

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