The Tomsk region maintained its rating among Russian leaders on investment attractiveness in 2014


Experts of NRA included the Tomsk region into IC3 Group (high investment attractiveness, Level III). The region confirms this high rating for the third year in succession.

Objective of the rating is to identify the most attractive regions of Russia from a standpoint of implementing the investment projects. According to NRA estimates, the Tomsk region has a maximum level of investment attractiveness among SFO regions. Factors supporting the region's rating include: rich natural resources, availability of qualified labour force, developed investment infrastructure and favourable legal environment for business.

The rating was formed based on three informational sources on the factors of investment attractiveness of the regions: statistical data, experts' estimates and results businessmen polls.

On the background of unfavourable geopolitical tendencies and general decline of economic activity in the country within a year after publication of the previous rating the average level of investment attractiveness of Russian regions fell. Out of 80 Russian regions included into the rating in 2014, 26 regions worsened their positions in the rating, 13 regions improved them, and other regions maintained their ratings.

General results of the investment attractiveness rating of Russian regions in 2014 are given at:

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"National Rating Agency" started its activity in 2002 and is one of the leading independent rating agencies in Russia.

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