The territory of SEZ "Tomsk" will increase by 139 ha


The Tomsk Mayor's Office considered the planning designs of the reserve areas of SEZ with total area of 139 ha.

As was reported in the press service of the Mayor's Office, the question was considered on the commission about use and development of land of the city administration. It is referred to two land plots: at the South area of the technical implementation zone in the Academic Town (77 ha) and at the North area in the region of Kuzovlevskiy Tract (62 ha). The commission approved the provided projects and directed them for consideration to the public hearing.

At the designed lots the production administrative facilities which are needed for extension of the Special Economic Zone will be located. Besides, at the South ground the hotel complex and administrative and business center construction were designed. The heads of special technology development economic zone plan to start design of all communications on the reserve area of the north ground this year.

"The area planning is well-performed. From our part we advised to locate here objects of service purposes for the residents of the Special Economic Zone such as trade and entertainment centers, hotels and many others. Sooner or later this territory will become a business center of the city. At the north ground it is worth paying attention to the neighborhood with industrial parks - this place is becoming an interesting "junction" of development", noted Evgeniy Parshuto, the First Mayor Deputy.

Source: NIA-Tomsk
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