Joint-stock company “Agrarian Group” hits the top five swine producers in Russia


National Union of Swine Breeders published an annual list of top swine producers in the Russian Federation, in which Agrarian Group, registered in Tomsk region, rose to the fifth place from the seventh based on the 2013 year results.

Agrarian Group, JSC swine breeding complexes, such as "Tomsk", "Ural" and "East-Siberian" (Republic of Buryatia) produced 67 thousand tons of swine in 2013. As compared to the last year Agrarian Group, JSC rose two lines up as in 2012 the divisions produced 53 thousand tons of swine.

"Listing of the company and sustainable leading positions there proves the company veterinary and hygienic safety, their development in every aspect and customer demand for their products. But on top of that the list shows another important thing: national swine production demonstrates stable growth which signifies gradual substitution of imported meat with indigenous products", - said Andrey Tyutyushev, general director of JSC "Siberian Agrarian Group".

According to the National Swine Breeders Association there are over four hundred of large, medium and small swine breeding companies in Russia. The places in the list are distributed based on the live weight of slaughter pigs produced in the previous year.

Agro-Belogorie and RusAgro groups took the first positions in the list out of twenty largest companies and Cherkizovo rose from the third to the second place. Miratorg Group still holds the leading position. The share of the first twenty companies in a combined production made 1 million 203 thousand tons of swine or 54.2%.

Source: NIA-Tomsk
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