Tomsk region plans to increase oil production up to 20 million tons by 2030


Tomsk region plans to increase an annual oil production produced locally from 12.3 to 20 million tons by 2030.

The goal of the government and state-private partnership in the oil and gas area is to raise an annual oil production to 20 million tons by 2030, including at least 5 million tons of scavenger oil. This was reported by Leonid Reznikov, Deputy Governor of Tomsk region for Industrial Policy.

According to him a polygon and a model of state-private partnership for study and development of the scavenger oil in the region will help to reach this goal. It is suggested to make up a list of incentives to boost up process engineering and development of hydrocarbons reserves from unconventional sources and to test the preferences in Tomsk region.

In 2013 oil production in the region made 11.296 million tons. According to 2014 forecast oil production level will be 10.898 million tons.

"On the one hand we see a decrease in oil production, and on the other hand there are considerable scavenger reserves in the State Reserves Register. Development of scavenger oil sources will help to avoid reduction of oil production within the region and perhaps will help to increase the total oil production in Tomsk region," - noted Alexander Komarov, head of the Tomsk region Mineral Resources Agency, at the meeting held by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation.

Sergey Donskoy, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation, stated that Tomsk region is regarded as an innovative polygon for streamlining an effective innovative stage for development of a subsoil use in the country. There operate 34 subsoil users of hydrocarbon reserves in Tomsk Region. The largest of them are OJSC "Tomskneft" VNK, OJSC "Tomskgazprom", LLC "Tomsk Oil", "Imperial Energy" Group and LLC "Gazpromneft-Vostok". The hydrocarbons are produced by 15 subsoil users.

In the region there are 131 fields, 121 of them are small ones. In the recent years only small fields are discovered. Reproduction of oil resources in 2013 made 87% of the produced oil.

According to information of the Tomsk region Mineral Resources Agency four companies produce scavenger oil. Total recoverable reserves have a significant potential. From this category of reserves subject to minimum requirement of the process documents 1.5 million tons should be produced, which makes 2.5% of the existing reserves.

At present unconventional methods for production of scavenger oil from Bazhenov formation is employed only by some companies. "Nord Imperial", Ltd. performed two slick water fracs in the well No.176 in Snezhnoye filed. Fluid flow was 10 cubic meter per day and oil flow - 3.3 tons per day .

Source: NIA-Tomsk
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