The RF Presidential Envoy commended Tomsk region health care industry and environmental economics


Victor Tolokonsky, the RF Presidential Envoy in the Siberian Federal District, called Tomsk region one of the leaders in Health Care development and economics of renewable natural resources.

Tomsk region received such appraisal at the combined meeting of the Presidential Envoy Councils in the Siberian Federal District and Sibirskoye Soglashenie, an inter-regional association, held in the city of Tomsk on March 19, 2014.

"Tomsk region has the highest concentration of medical sciences and practices, the highest number of doctors, the highest potential of the medical institutions, - stressed Victor Tolokonsky - Almost 90% of Tomsk citizens receive high-tech medical care here. They do not have to go to neither Novosibirsk, nor to Moscow or St. Petersburg".

The Envoy also added that today a federal goal is to attract extra government programs and money for such regions as Tomsk region that have high medical potential with low population density.

Speaking about the importance of wild crops, fish and game resources in the economy of Siberian regions Victor Tolokonsky noted an urgent necessity for advanced processing of such products.

"An unregulated market of the renewable resources has always existed but Tomsk region has become the first to start its regulation and supporting the processing projects. When selling the renewable resources it is very important to make an added value", - stressed the Presidential Envoy.

Source: Press Office of the Tomsk Region Administration
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