Tomsk Region Governor and the Head of Microsoft Representative Office in Russia signed a cooperation agreement


On March 20, Governor of Tomsk Region Sergey Zhvachkin and President of LLC Microsoft Rus Nikolay Pryanishnikov signed an agreement of intent in regard to IT penetration and development of modern information-oriented society.

The regional authorities and Microsoft plan to initiate and support state programs aimed at development of information-oriented society, communication infrastructure and technologies, and IT sector in the social sphere, economy, and human resources development. Thus, the regional authorities alongside with other companies intent to involve Microsoft in implementation of public-private projects. As part of its social policy the Company in its turn undertakes a long-term commitment to the regional public health and public education departments.

"Competitiveness of Tomsk Region, comfort level of the region citizens mostly depend on development of information technologies, stressed Sergey Zhvachkin. – The goal of the government and business community is not only to introduce innovations in the day-to-day life but to help people become a part of the information society".

"A complex approach is required for successful development of the industry in the region and personnel education is one of the key components here. Searching IT professionals is a serious issue of the todays industry and its solution will become the first step to our collaboration with Tomsk Region", – noted Nikolai Pryanishnikov.

Source: Press Office of the Tomsk Region Administration
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