A resident of Tomsk Special Economic Zone made a Skype analogue for video consultations


FlexSoft, a resident of the Tomsk Special Economic Zone (further SEZ) have developed and launched a free online video-service for working with clients uExperta.ru. This application might be required by lawyers, tutors and even medical doctors, reports Dmitry Bubnov, the company head. The company has developed a software for automation of an on line consultancy that allows video communication with clients through the web-site. Unlike Skype which requires a special application and registration, Tomsk one uses the Internet browser.

"The service is free of charge, nothing has to be installed on a computer or updated. You just need to invite the client through e-mail. The functional advantages are on line scheduling and electronic queue", - noted Bubnov.

According to him the developers tried to combine all the services required by private consultants in a single system. Video is transmitted in HD quality. A similar service called Moi domashni doctor (My house doctor) a SEZ resident built in Holland half a year ago.

"The service there is to be paid for, when a patient do not need to go the out-patient clinic and wait in a queue for secondary appointment. This also can be used when a patient does not have to be examined, for example to see a psychologist or speech therapist", - noted the developer.

He stressed that the Russian application may be used by private consultants from various industries. The developers believe that it will be required by lawyers, tutors and doctors. "The experts may require different services: for example doctors will need electronic case records, tutors – integration with electronic boards. Then perhaps we will divide the service as to cater for the industries", - summarized Bubnov.

Source: RIA News Tomsk
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