Timber industry of Tomsk region plans to access new raw materials bases


Issues of developing the timber resource base, creation of a transport infrastructure and logistics for timber industry of the region were discussed at the meeting with participation of Andrey Knorr, Yriy Gurdin and Leonid Reznikov, Vice-Governors of the Tomsk region.

Heads of Regional Department and of large timber felling and processing enterprises took part in discussing the problems of timber industry. In the opinion of participants of the meeting, the main causes slowing down the timber industry development include limited accessibility of forest massive, lack of up-to-date forest management and a large number of swamps.

Annual allowable cut in Tomsk region makes 41 million cubic meters, not more than 9-10% of which are developed. 9 million cubic meters of wood were allowed to use, whereas only 4 million cubic meters are produced annually. "At present only 20.5% of Tomsk forests have 10-year history of forest management. It is the key problem of all the Siberian regions that prevents involvement of forest resources into the economic development", said Andrey Knorr, Deputy Governor.

42.5 million rubles were invested in the current year into the forest management works. Next year 36 million rubles will be provided for in the federal budget for those purposes. "This is certainly a drop in the bucket if you take into account the fact that forest management of the region requires RUB 1.4 billion, nevertheless, during the last two years the region made a big step forward in this direction", added Andrey Knorr.

Timber resources in the south-western repidly developed part of the region have been practically depleted. New timber resources located at the east and north-east of the region are difficult to access primarily because of poor development of transportation routes.

According to Leonid Reznikov, Vice-Governor, the near-future plans of roads construction include directions prospective in terms of involvement of difficult-to-access forest resources. Agreements recently signed by Sergey Zhvachkin, Tomsk region Governor with the Heads of Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions on construction of a road from Igol village to Orlovka (Novosibirsk region) and a Tomsk-Taiga motor road open new potentials for the forestry industry. According to the Governor Deputy, results of agreements will be seen within the forthcoming five years.

For the transport infrastructure development for needs of timber industry Yuri Gurdin, Vice Governor, offered to investigate all the mechanisms and procedures of state support. A Department of Investments performing a "Single Window" function for investors is ready to develop a plan of actions for each company separately.

It was decided at the meeting to develop a map that will show the places where forest roads used by forest fellers come to public roads, give data on the traffic with account of cargo turnover growth, and other information. Those maps will vividly show the prospects and would allow elaboration of plans of forest industry development.

Source: Press-Service of Tomsk Region Administration.
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