An Authorized Representative of RF President supported the project of Tomsk SEZ development


On November 14 Nikolay Rogozhkin, an Authorized Representative of RF President in the Siberian Federal Okrug hold a meeting on the state of art and prospects of special economic zones development in Siberia. The meeting was held in the Engineering Center of SEZTomsk.

Sergey Zhvachkin, Governor of Tomsk Region, Vitali Milyavsky, Director of OJSC "Special Economic Zones", representatives from regions of Siberian Federal District took part in the meeting.

As noted Nikolai Rogozhkin, five special economic zones operate in the Siberian regions, whereas a pilot zone is available in Tomsk only. In the preceding years the state invested RUB 25 billion into development of Siberian SEZ.

SEZTomsk was presented by Konstantin Kaminsky, Acting Director General of Tomsk Special Economic Zone. He delivered to the participants that the objective of the Protect development is not only development of new high-tech productions, but also creation of a modern business block, a center of economic life of the city and region.

"For us it is important to "check watches" with all the participants of the SEZ development process, of innovation development", stressed Sergey Zhvachkin, the Governor.  - Laws and conditions for work of residents that were valid at the moment of founding those development institutes have lost their relevance. High-tech business is interested not only in tax and customs privileges, but also in modern congress halls, exhibition centers, hotels, restaurants, and even in kindergartens. And we are to meet those demands".

"Tomsk Special Economic Zone is a pearl of the region", said Vitali Milyavsky, Director General of OJSC "SEZ". - The results Tomsk people achieved are exciting and SEZTomsk is a leader in the number of residents and it shall become a model alongside with SEZ of Tatarstan and Lipetsk.

The meeting with the Authorized Representative resulted in solution on accelerated transfer of authorities on SEZTomsk management from the Federal Center to regional executive authorities. Nikolay Rogozhkin stressed that construction of facilities started in the Tomsk Special Economic Zone will be continued and construction of Business Center will be started.

"Suspended construction of facilities at Tomsk site shall be renewed", stressed Authorized Representative of RF President for Siberian Federal Okrug.

Source: Press-Service of Tomsk Region Administration
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