Tomsk region makes the top 15 regions in terms of the competition development


Tomsk region ranked the 15th place in the ranking of the heads of regions in terms of promotion of the competition development in 2015.

The rating was made up for the first time by the Analytical Center under the government of the RF with the participation of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. It is an independent assessment of the activities of the head of the region and his team to promote the development of competition. When making up the rating, the experts paid attention to two indicators:  the number of activities carried out by the authorities for the development of the competitive environment, as well as their effectiveness.

Tomsk region made the group of 15 regions, whose practices to promote competition were recognized as the most successful. The region belongs to a group of RF subjects with diversified economies based on processing and extractive industries.

Since 2015 Tomsk region has been introducing the Standard of the competition development in its territory. In the "Road Map" 13 areas are identified, including the socially significant markets in the fields of pre-school and secondary education, children's leisure and recreation, health care, support for children with disabilities, culture, housing, retail trade, passenger transport, communications, social services for population, as well as the priority regional markets of raw milk and commercial fish farming. In the regional administration a working group to promote competition acts under the leadership of the deputy governor for economics Andrei Antonov.

The leaders of the rating-2015 became Voronezh and Nizhny Novgorod Regions and the Khabarovsk Territory. At the same time the drafters noted that the Nizhny Novgorod region and the Khabarovsk Territory began the implementation of the Standard of the competition development back in 2014 as part of a pilot project.

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"Road map" for the implementation of the Standard of the competition development in the territory of the Tomsk Region was approved by the order of the governor of the Tomsk region No 379-p as of December 30, 2015. 


Source: Administration of the Tomsk region
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