Meetings in China: outcomes and results


A visit to China (October 11-21) of the General Director of the Tomsk region development corporation Stanislav Yashchuk brought a number of constructive arrangements.

In particular, the cooperation agreements were signed with the Guangdong Union of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation with CIS countries and with the law firm "Guangzhou Baysin" (Kingbridge). Meetings with representatives of seven companies (including public corporations and private business) and with representatives of the Government of the Anhui Province were held. Stanislav Yashchuk also as an official delegate from the Tomsk region took part in the event "Anhui Investment and Trade Expo 2016" organized by the Government of the Anhui Province.

All the meetings and agreements are aimed at strengthening the cooperation between China and the Tomsk region in the field of science, economy and investment, education, culture, tourism, and law. Particular emphasis is placed on educational cooperation of the Tomsk region and China, on the specific tourism (for example, "red" tourism along the places of revolutionary glory of the USSR and the places associated with the Soviet leaders, eco-tourism and adventure tourism in Siberia). A question of more active import of the products of the Tomsk manufacturers to China, as well as publishing the books on Tomsk and Russia in Chinese language is also being considered. The important thing is the establishment of contacts with the representatives of Chinese manufacturers, potential investors and partners for business in the Tomsk region. In the future, the development corporation is ready to ensure that these contacts could become available to the interested local companies. 

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Source: JSC "The Tomsk Region Development Corporation"
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